Monday, April 26, 2010

Something to share...

I started playing music since my secondary school. Well, actually my main interest is piano since primary school but due to lack of exposure and financial situation, this interest was just a dream that will never come true until today.
During teenager time, i really like those rock band for example Bonjovi, Metallica, Deep Purple, Search, Wings, Cranberries, FooFighter, Scorpions, Nirvana, etc..etc..Well, those were the days. Me & my friends goes crazy with their songs and music which are really, really makes us WoW..!!! I still can remeber i played the drum during our jamming sessions until my finger bleed....There are just so much that we want to express through our jamming or battle of the band. But none is for Christ our Lord.

At that age and influence, it's hard for me to play drum on songs (spiritual & church) which is not heavy or suitable for me. I started listening to Petra (rock songs with a spiritual lyrics). From there then only i started to open up. I was in the Star Of Yahweh Covenant Community in the 90's. They have their own band but i didn't get any opportunity to expose from there. This is way before i got interest into outside rock music.

There are many ways we can contribute, serve, pray, express to our Lord. I found that music & songs is the best way for me to praise, give thanks, pray and express our emotion to Him. I feel that let our youth play or expose (in the band) in our spiritual context rather than, playing outside which they can get involved or influnce by unhealthy situation. This view need to be supported in order to generate more talented youth for our church needs. Expressing spiritual songs and music is a very wonderful and powerfull thing of which a bit hard to explain in words.
Probably by watching a band play (spiritual songs) its just like watching them having a good time playing music but deep inside the musicians and singers - they are Praising-
Remember: Youths is our future church leaders...
God Bless



  1. If you liked Metallica back then, you'll want to check out John Van Sloten's book The Day Metallica Came to Church. I read the 1st chapter. It expresses how heavy metal music are sometimes reminiscent of God's OT prophets. I agree "all truth is God's truth" but can we and are willing to handle the truth?

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