Friday, December 18, 2009

Faith = Success Y2j Street Soccer

06 December 2009 was a day when not only spiritual songs and music can gather and attract new faces of youth from our parish to participate in our activities. We played Street Soccer. Which was held at former basketball court at Fr.Mulders Centre. Started at about with the kick off made by our Bishop Julius...and it was a score..Goal...goal..goal..!!!.

We manage to meet up with new faces of youth whom met before from outside church not being realise that they are Catholic. We are glad and thank God that this competition attracted about 10 teams. All players and those involved really had a great time playing Street Soccer in His Name, One Heart, One Youth...Once again, To Gather, Together, To Capture and it will Spread....God Bless.

Spiritual Preparation guided by Sister Lilian, 2 days before the games begin. A very good preparation for the organizing team to have strong Faith and believe that the day event will be a success. Thank You Sister.

Bishop Julius with the kickoff and a special printed jersey.

The Finalist, Team Soneta (squatting down) and Flores FC ( standing).. Congratulation...!! buli tahan mimang..biarpun panas terik matahari.

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