Monday, October 26, 2009

Y2J jamm..jamm..jam! New composed song ?

On the 25th of October 2009, Y2J manage to spent about 3.5 hrs for jamming session and short meeting. It has been a while since our last full band practise. Singing and playing music in the Lords name is one of the most powerful prayer. We are glad and thank our Lord Jesus for the unity that we have in this group. Praise & honour You for your blessing.

Mr. Kenny sedang setup gadjetnya...kunun campin..!!
(right photo) from left: Eloise, Maria, Shirley, Amanda, Kenny, Topo & Rodney @boy

janji ada tempat ber"meeting" boleh lar. Short discussion about our end of year & 2010 activities. Bulan December 2009 ada pertandingan Futsal......sioknya..!!

New composed song Demo session............

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Y2J Music Camp & concert 2009 Photos - Thank You to all have support us- God Bless

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